Carpet Stretching in NJ

The signs that you need Carpet re stretching or repair are once you see buckling or waves starting to shown. Carpeting over time will sustain some serious wear and tear. The surface in high traffic areas is the place where the majority of stains will occur. Unlike hardwood or stone floors that are solid, carpeting is sewn together in layers of materials and fabrics, which means that the surface or the entire installation itself can slowly come undone over time. The real problem is when the carpeting becomes unfastened. This is seen in the form of wrinkles that usually occur at the very edges of the carpet. If it is not addressed immediately, these wrinkles can spread, soon taking over an entire area of the house. Not only are these folds unpleasant to look at, they’re also dangerous. These lumps in the carpet are camouflaged with the carpet causing children, elderly and other guest to trip and or have other accidents. We advise that you treat this as soon as possible to avoid any injury or further damage.

Carpet Stretching Services

Once your carpet starts to ripple it will only get worse.. The carpet is main purpose is to always lay flat. A small ripple puts more wear and tear on the carpet.
What to know about carpet re- stretching:

  • Poor installation – If your carpet is improperly installed, it may need to be re-stretched.
  • Heavy traffic – If your carpet gets heavy traffic beyond normal foot travel, it may eventually come loose, even if it was installed correctly.
  • Moving heavy furniture – Sliding heavy furniture across your carpet can cause its layers to ripple and leave the carpet loose and buckled.
  • Wrong pairing of carpet with padding – Carpet pile are meant to be used with specific types of carpet padding, so the carpet is properly secured and supported – This means the latex that keeps the carpet backing intact is deteriorating; the carpet will start to fall apart by losing fiber.

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